Daniel Ayittah serves as a full time pastor in a local youth church in Accra, Ghana. He is involved in the counselling and music division of his church.

Daniel’s passion is pastoring and mentoring the youth, as well as playing the piano and directing music.


Aida also serves as a pastor in Accra, Ghana. She is a music minister and has sung vocals for many youth groups in Accra, Ghana. She is involved in the music ministry of the youth church she serves in and assists in day-to-day church administration.



The AidaLive Project

The AidaLive project was created by Daniel and Aida. The idea was to put music to the words of their Senior Pastor. Pastor Dag has composed numerous anointed lyrics over some twenty-five years in ministry.

As a pastime, Daniel and Aida took it upon themselves to take these words and fit them into melodies of preexisting classic songs. These songs were originally sang by Aida at small church meetings with great success. In essence, the songs in this project are gospel covers of preexisting melodies.

None of the compositions are the work of either Daniel or Aida, and this project was created to worship the Lord and to give all the youth who enjoyed these covers the chance to listen to them at home. No part of this project is for sale or reuse. Enjoy!